by Col. James Churchward
8.5 X 11, Hard cover, Collector's Edition

Four books written in one volume containing The Sacred and Inspired Writings of Mu; The Origin of the Bible; The Origin of Freemasonry and Pearls of Wisdom from the Ancients (Including My Old Preceptor, the Rishi). Beautifully scribed by Churchward's own hand in 1927.
295 pages, impressively reproduced with 14 full page Original Paintings, 26 pages of Colored Diagrams, Drawings & Maps and 8 pages of Conventional Drawings and a magnificent Frontispiece of Churchward. Digital ISBN 978-0-914732-44-0. (Published 9/97) originally sold at $85.00 later $125.00 now selling for upwards of $300 on eBay • ePub price and date to be determined
Comments on the hardcover edition:
“It is much more than I had expected, and in his own handwriting. Magnificent! I shall treasure it as long as I live.
Mr. EJ - Davenport, WA
“ I wish to thank you for publishing Colonel James Churchward's Books of the Golden Age. It is absolutely fantastic, especially in presentation, and a joy to read. Miss EC - London
“This book is really worth it's price! Ms EK - Chislehurst, England
“The Golden Books is just fabulous. It has a treasured place in my library! DV - Kansas City
I am now a happy owner of this beautiful book. I take this opportunity to thank you for making this wonderful edition possible. As a researcher interested in James Churchward's writings, I am particularly pleased to see one of his manuscripts published in such a beautiful manner.” Y. D. - France 

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